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Sunday, August 8, 2010

In My Mailbox #7

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren once a week which explores the weekly contents of your mailbox and books bought.


Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood (Pan Macmillan Australia/August 1, 2010)

Dan's got a few things happening in his nearly fifteen-year-old life: he's just moved house and school; he's trying not to be a complete nerd/loser but... SOCIAL DEATH: his last name's French and it rhymes with "cereal"; his bankrupt dad has just left his mum (and announced he's gay); his mum is starting up a business making wedding cakes but keeps talking her clients out of getting married; he's in love with the girl next door: the beautiful, unattainable Estelle. A touching, funny, emotionally honest story of first love with a fairy-tale upbeat (it's the boy's version of the Cinderella story); the revenge of the nerds; accepting your parents; the transformation of an ugly duckling; and discovering that the girl next door may just have a few problems of her own…


Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James (Allen & Unwin/May 1, 2010)
About a Girl by Joanne Horniman (Allen & Unwin/February 1, 2010)

Headgames by Casey Lever (Random House Australia/February 1, 2010)

I’ve been wanting to read Six Impossible Things since I read the blurb from goodreads, it sounds like such a great fun read and so far so good, I love Dan he is such an awkward teenage boy. I’m also really excited because I’m going to see the author, Fiona Wood, at the Melbourne Writers Festival next month *squeals*.

I’ve made a decision to borrow more books from the library because I can’t afford to keep buying so many books and I have no more room on my bookshelf, my mums getting annoyed with me because I have books all over the house. Generally however my local library is pretty slow getting the newer books I want which is really annoying so I decided to try my uni library and boy I’ve found a treasure chest of new YA novels, yippee!

So anyway I hope you guys all had a great week, what books did you receive?


Cass said...

Oooh uni library. Lucky. My high school library is really slow with new releases, but luckily I'm almost done with it. :S My parents haven't really asked me where I've been getting all these packages in the mail for the past month and a bit. My bookshelf is quickly filling up. I've started stacking them horizontally, which allows for 2-3 more books per stack. My bookshelf is really small, so it's almost overfilling.

Great books this week! I really want to read Beautiful Malice and Onto the Jellicoe Road (haven't seen that cover before... I prefer the US edition). Happy reading.

What I got

Cass said...

I hope I enjoy Jane Eyre then. I've browsed around a fair bit, and it seems Jane Eyre is probably the one I'll like more. I wish I could upload my photo of my copy, since it's a bookcrossing book, it's special. And old. And beaten down... but it sits well with my other classics, since all my other classics have a beaten down condition too. :P

I re-read If I Stay, finished yesterday. I think it was better the first time, but I still cried all the same. Or rather, got teary and stopped myself before I could get worse.

Oh yeah! Funny thing about Beautiful Malice. I was at my friend's house, raiding her bookshelf, as we all do, and she had a preview pamphlet thingy. I was going to just sneak it into my bag, but I'm just too nice. Hehe. I really like the cover. Let me know what you think of it, and if it's buy-worthy.

Anonymous said...

I use my library a LOT too (I buy under 5 books a year). Does your library do inter library loans with any other libraries? It might be worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

Congrats of the treasure find of YAs!

Six Impossible Things sounds fun, I'll have to wait till it trickles down to US stores so I can get it.

I hope you enjoy Jellicoe Road and Saving Francesca they are two my favorite books ever

Happy reading

pussreboots said...

I'm going to have to add Six Impossible Things to my ever growing wishlist. Enjoy your books. Here's what I received.

kate.o.d said...

oh i love 'about a girl' i hope you like it! look forward to your review (will you review it?)

Anonymous said...

I feel ya on the having no room left on your bookshelf dilemma haha. I've had to cut back my book spending as well and now also borrow more from the library. My library used to be pretty slow acquiring new YA but they've gotten a ton better which is awesome.

I have to say that Headgames sounds really great. I look forward to your review! :D Enjoy!

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