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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Sacrifice Cover Revealed …. and it’s pretty fugly

I know I’m a bit behind the eight ball but Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life recently released the cover for Richelle Mead’s new vampire academy spin off series Bloodlines and what the heck?!? The publishers have managed, once again I might add (Last Sacrifice cover anyone), create a fugly cover, why oh why are they doing this to me. I don’t like the font style and I don’t really like the model they used for Sydney on the plus side the half of face I can see on the guy appears purdy to me. So without further ado I give you all the Bloodlines cover.

Here’s what EW had to say about it …

Richelle Mead has graduated from Vampire Academy, her popular YA series that wrapped up in December with the release of its sixth and final book, and now she’s moving onto new territory. Well, somewhat new:Bloodlines will be a spin-off ofVA, moving the previously tertiary character Sydney, a human alchemist, from the sidelines to the forefront. It will also be set in a sunny Californian high school instead of that rigid, preppy-bloodsucker academy, which I imagine will be like transferring from the Undead Poets Society to Bayside High. Check out the finalized cover for the first book of the series—that’s Sydney with the filigreed face, by the way—and watch a video after the jump of Mead talking about how it will differ from Vampire Academy. Bloodlines is set to hit shelves on August 23. [Keith Staskiewicz]

I thought I better mention (cos I don’t want any crazy nutters sending me scary emails about how I destroyed their life because I gave away a Last Sacrifice spoiler) that this little posty bit down here could possibly give spoilers for Last Sacrifice so I’m telling everyone in particular those who have not read Last Sacrifice and don’t want to be given spolery goodness DO NOT READ ON, there you have all been warned.

So basically the chick on the cover is Sydney, now you remember Sydney don’t you the alchemist with the funky tats or whatever they are on her face and I believe the dude in question is Adrian (oh my poor baby I’m still sad for him from Last Sacrifice, curse you Rose but you did belong with Dimitri you just didn’t handle the whole Adrian situation well). Hhhmmm so Adrian and Sydney, maybe Sydney will heal Adrian’s broken heart, awww so sweet! Now I may be wrong about Adrian being on the cover or not but I’m pretty sure it is as there seemed to be a bit of a twitter upheaval over who the guy was so Richelle tried to calm everyone down with some bite sized (or should I say beak sized, that doesn’t work does it?) twitter hints and here they are …

The girl on Bloodlines is Sydney (note @ArcaneVault's cool Alchemist tattoo) & the guy is the one left hanging at the end of Last Sacrifice.

I guess my enigmatic clue was too enigmatic about the guy. He was a significant character, if that helps. I.e., not Ian.

Last clue. Why am I being secret at all? B/c the answer tips off how Last Sacrifice ends, and I'm protecting those who haven't read it yet.

So, ask yourselves, which guys' fates are a big question at the end of LS? Someone w/a happy ending has no need for more in a new series.

So there you have it, see it does appear to be that hunk-o-spunk Adrian.

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